Green Card

The dream you’ve been waiting for. The quest for the much coveted Green Card. There are different avenues when it comes to getting a Green Card. Read on to find out which paths you can take towards your permanent residency in the United States. Let’s get started!

Let the Green Card Journey begin!

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Green Card by Marriage

Green Card Applicant in the US

If both the spouses are present in the United States, then the Green Card applicant may be available for Adjustment of Status i.e. apply for green card without having to leave United States.

Green Card applicant not in the US

If the Green Card Applicant (non US Citizen spouse) is not physically present in the United States, then the process of applying for Green Card is slightly different.

Fiance(e) Visa

A Fiance(e) Visa may be available prior to getting married. More to come soon.

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