Graduate – Tests (GRE/GMAT)

February 1st to May 1st

Prepare and Study.

Your test results will be commensurate with the effort. Use your time wisely to prepare and study for your test. With all your activities it will be hard to find time but you can do it! Look for opportunities to study in quiet places like a library or places where you can “get in the zone” and really focus.

Your goal is to prepare yourself to the best of your ability for your test.

Consistency is great when it comes to studying, so make sure you’re set aside same time every day to study.

February 1st to February 15th

Schedule your GRE or GMAT.

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to scheduling tests. It comes down to your level of readiness and how well you’ve outlined your plan to study and prepare.

As you look at your calendar, your goal is to give yourself enough time to prepare for your test yet schedule a date to take either the GRE or GMAT as soon as you feel you will be ready.

May 1st to May 31st

Take your exam.

You’ve prepared yourself well and studied to the best of your ability. Take a breath and relax – you’ve got this! Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good meal the day of the test.

Your goal is to reduce your anxiety and stress on this day and rely on your preparation and abilities to attain a good score.

May 1st to May 31st

Submit your scores for FREE.

From the list of 12 universities that you chose earlier, narrow down universities and send your scores for FREE when you take the test.

  • For GRE, send your test scores to four graduate universities – 2 medium and 2 low ranked.
  • For GMAT, send your test scores to five universities 
    • Pick 3 medium ranked and 2 low ranked universities if you scored 600+ in both of your official GMAT practice tests.
    • If not, pick 2 medium ranked and 3 low ranked universities from your list of 12 universities.

Your goal is to submit your scores to the universities at the time of the test.

Save $108 (GRE) or $175 (GMAT) by having a list of the universities that you want to submit your score for FREE. Cha Ching!

Wrap Up

You’ve worked hard to study and prepare and your GRE/GMAT is done. Now it’s time for the IELTS or TOEFL.

I wish I would have had GreencardEZ when I was preparing for my tests. I almost missed my deadlines and could have used guidance and help on the due dates for schools in the U.S.

Quoc L., Vietnam

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