Undergrad – University Applications

August 1st to August 15th

Finalize eight (8) schools.

Based on your test scores you will finalize your schools:

  • If High scores: 4 top ranked, 2 medium ranked and 2 safe
  • If Medium scores: 2 top ranked, 4 medium ranked and 2 safe
  • If Low scores: 0 top ranked, 4 medium ranked and 4 safe

Your goal is to apply to a range of schools where you will have the best chance for being accepted.

Rankings explained:

  • Top: 1 to 60
  • Medium: 61-120
  • Safe: 120+

August 1st to August 15th

Note your required documents.

You will need to take note of the required documents that are needed by each university

As you complete your applications, your goal is to be as organized as possible with your documentation so that it will be easy to produce whatever is required by each university.

September 15th to September 30th

Begin filling out your applications.

Here you will most likely fill out your applications online. You will be able to initiate and save online. You can also choose to fill out your applications as paper-based and follow the same overall steps. Ensure you have the proper level of details required. There are several other steps on the following pages that you will need to complete before you can submit your applications.

Your goal is to get started on your online applications and save until you complete all necessary steps.

Wrap Up

Applications to your top high, medium and low schools are started. Whats next? You will need a Statement of Purpose!

Once I had done one of these applications to my top schools, I was able to complete the rest very quickly and easily. This step in the process is easy but it’s important to get everything submitted as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance to get accepted.

Karolina O., Poland

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