Marriage based green card

Hello, and welcome to the Marriage based Green Card application section.

This section explains the green card through marriage application process in an easy step-by-step guide and detailed instructions to help you successfully complete and file for Adjustment of Status based on Marriage to a U.S. Citizen; to get your Green Card – the EZ way.

For a seamless navigational experience, we recommend following the path by clicking on the “Next Step” button which appears on the bottom right of the page. For the defiant, we’ve also provided links in the top menu for you to quickly navigate to any page as you like.

Finally, before we get started, we wanted to reiterate that this section applies to you if you are applying for a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen, and both you and your spouse are living in the Unites States at the time of filing.

Oh, in spirit of full disclosure – we’re not lawyers. Our instructions are solid but if you don’t feel comfortable filing your application without the help of one, and/or have questions we highly recommend consulting one.

So without further ado…

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