Form G-1145 needs to be filed to request electronic notifications via text and/or email

This page contains step-by-step Form G-1145 instructions for marriage based green card.

  • Who is filing form G-1145:
    • U.S. citizen
      • U.S. citizen needs to file 1 copy of G-325A form
    • Green Card applicant
      • Green Card applicant needs to file 1 copy of G-325A form
  • Form G-1145 filing fee: $0


Although this is an optional step, we highly recommend filing this form.

USCIS Form G-1145 Instructions for Marriage based Green Card

Form G-1145 Instructions

You will be filing Form G-1145 twice. One will have U.S. citizen’s information, and the other will have Green Card applicant’s  information.

  • Name fields
    • Self explanatory
  • Email Address
    • Enter your email address if you want to receive an email
  • Mobile Phone Number
    • Enter your U.S. mobile phone number if you want to receive text message(s)
      • Non U.S. mobile phone numbers will not receive text messages

Note: You can either put in your email address or mobile phone number or both, depending on your preference.

Tips and Checks:

  1. Fill using BLACK ink
  2. We recommend saving a local copy, so you don’t lose your entered data
  3. Make sure the form hasn’t expired. Expiration date is stated on the top right corner of the form
  4. For those who have already taken or are planning on taking your spouse’s last name, use your new last name while filling the application.
    • It does not matter if your SSN, Drivers License, Passport etc. have not been updated to reflect your new name. Your marriage certificate suffices the name change requirement

Form G-1145 Instructions FAQ

Form G-1145 allows you to request electronic notifications viz. text and email when your green card application is accepted by USCIS.

By filing this form, you will receive a text and/or an email once USCIS has received your green card application.

Yes, these Form G-1145 instructions are limited to Green Card by Marriage. If you’re looking for G-1145 instructions for a different category, feel free to ask and/or discuss them in the Marriage based Green Card discussions.

In this case, the option of filing Form G-1145 is an optional step. Both U.S. Citizen and Green Card applicant may file form G-1145. Alternately, just one of the two may file Form G-1145 as well.

We highly recommend that both the Green Card applicant and the U.S. citizen file these form.

Detailed field level instructions can be found in Form G-1145 Instructions section above.

If you look closer you’ll realize this is a one time notification deal only i.e. USCIS notifies you when it accepts your packet, and that’s it. On the surface it looks pretty useless, assuming you want to be informed on the progress of your application along the way. However, it does make sense to file this form, and here is why:

  • When your package gets delivered to USCIS, they don’t necessarily enter your information into their system on the same day. It takes a few days (typically a week) to do this.
  • Once they do, you’ll get the electronic notifications with your receipt numbers, per your selections  on this form.
  • Once you have the receipt numbers, you can track your case, and can sign up for auto-updated for all future activity.

Assuming you’re anxious to hear about the progress of your application, this is totally worth it, and much better than waiting for physical letters to arrive in regular mail, which can take several days.

That concludes the Form G-1145 Instructions. If you have any thoughts, questions, or clarifications on Form G-1145 Instructions, feel free to ask and/or discuss them in the Marriage based Green Card discussions.

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