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      Hi I am Prashanth,

      I have applied for Ms in Engineering management for Spring 2023 and now i am waiting for admits..but the thing is I have resigned from my company in feb 2022 so If I am going for Visa interview in November or december VISA OFFICER will be asking me what have you been doing since last 8-9 months? Can you help me with a Appropriate answer for this.

      Thanks in Advance

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      Hi Prashanth,

      We’re glad you’re planning for your visa interview.

      If the Visa Officer asks you that question, you will need to highlight what you’ve done since resigning from your job and what you plan on doing leading up to your interview that better prepares you for your Masters’s program. Many students will take classes or courses that better prepare them for the program. Some enroll in improving their communication or public speaking skills by registering in programs or clubs such as Toastmasters International.

      Ultimately it comes down to how you spend your time. There is no right or wrong answer, but since you have a few months before your program starts, we encourage you to research and take advantage of opportunities that will allow you to succeed in your program.

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