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      Hey everyone,

      We’ve created this topic to help you connect with the greencardEZ community to help you best prepare for your F1 Visa Interview. If you haven’t watched our video on how to best prepare for your F1 Student Visa Interview, check out this YouTube video.

      Ask and answer questions. You got this!

      greencardEZ Community Team

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      default avatar 4Shahista Nikkath

      Hello sir, I already applied for f1 visa interview on June 24th fall 2022, I had 2 rejections before in fall 2023 in Aug at 1st & 2nd attempt I went with majors INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, at 2nd attempt visa officer said me to change my profile,so I have changed it now as COMPUTER SCIENCE as my major. My question is that if visa officer asks me why you have changed your Course what should me my answer.
      Please reply,
      Shahista nikkath.

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        Hi Shahista,

        Visa Officers are interested in understanding the applicant’s reasoning. In your case, you need to demonstrate how studying Computer Science will be integral to your plans. You should expect a question where they will ask you why you chose the major or switched your choice since you interviewed last. Simply stating because the Visa Officer said so wouldn’t be a convincing reason. We recommend spending time to come up with a strong narrative.

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      default avatar 4Baby Show

      Hello everyone!

      I am about to apply for my i20. And I want to submit my cousin’s(who lives in the U.S) bank statement as sponsor to the university.

      When I go for the visa interview, I would then show my dad’s bank statement. How safe is this?

      Reason: my dad does not currently have enough funds in his statement but I still want to apply now to book slots since they are running out.

      I need urgent advice please

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        It is OK to show different sponsors for application and for your Visa interview.

        The reasoning is that circumstances may change since the two may be many months apart.

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      default avatar 4Manjinder Singh

      Hello sir
      I already applied for f1 visa and my interview on June 22th fall 2022, sir I’m confused how to answers my interview questions. Because I have too short answers and not very satisfied. Please sir guide me how I can improve my answers

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      default avatar 4Nisarg Rajpura

      Hello Sir,

      I have a question:
      I have applied in 2 universities so what to answer when they ask “In how many universities you have applied?” Answering “In 2 Universities” will impact negatively?

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      The Visa Officers are interested in learning about your reasoning.

      If they ask why just two and you effectively communicate your reasoning, you should be fine.

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        default avatar 4Nisarg Rajpura

        Ohh, Got it. Thank you so much for your quick reply. 🙂

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      default avatar 4Jibi Jacob

      Hi I am Jibi. I would like to ask a question. I have applied only to one University and got admit there. So for the visa interview when they ask about other universities applied, can I just tell that I applied only here?

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      default avatar 4Baby Show

      Hey, I need advise
      Can I fill the DS-160 and apply for a visa interview date while i wait for the i20?

      Or Should i wait for the i20 to be sent to me first?

      Note: I’ve applied for i20

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        You need information from your I20 to fill out DS-160. Unless you have that you won’t be able to complete booking your visa appointment.

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      default avatar 4Baby Show

      Will your sponsor be shown on the i20? Or into the system?

      That it will be a red flag if I call a new sponsor on the visa interview

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        It’s not a red flag if you change sponsors. The US Government understands that financial situations evolve from when one applies to a university to when one applies for a US Visa.

        Refer to the ‘Financials’ section in this sample I-20.

        Hopefully, that alleviates your concerns 🙂

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      Greetings to all of you.! Query f1 study visa interview.
      Is it ok to answer the question word to word same as written on Ds-160, or should change it slightly or completely during visa interview. E.g why you want to go to USA? If i replied ” I am going to pursue my masters of science in civil engineering thesis based 2 years program from Hartford University “….is it good answer?

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        No, it would help if you personalized your answers. What you wrote is a very generic answer. The Visa Officers want to know your reasoning. It needs to be conversational and persona. We hope this helps!

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          But most of the people said, USA interview is based on algorithm, what you speak must be identical in words with the form you submitted, if it match with the form screen blows up green mark, and if it happens for 2-3 questions you get the visa

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          That is not true. The Visa Officers decide whether to grant you a Visa or not.

          Their decision is dependent on your ability to convince them that you’re a genuine student and that you will depart the US upon completion of your studies.

          Unfortunately, rumors such as the one you shared exists. Ignore them. Instead follow the recommendations we’ve made in our videos to maximize your chances of getting a Visa.

          Good luck!

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      default avatar 4Praveen R


      I have got a PhD program without funding for fall 2022.The professor have promised me that funding will surely be arranged once I reach there. So, I’m planning to show the 1year i20 amount to get a visa, but afterwards I will receive funding through TA/RA positions. The issue is that how can I convince the visa officers if they ask me questions on how will you manage your funds after one year, Is it okay if I just say that I will receive funding or do I need to show any letter regarding that? Ideas around these points are appreciated.

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        You have to be careful when demonstrating your financial position. Unless you have it in writing, we don’t recommend sharing that with the Visa Officer as it may be perceived as a risk and ultimately reduce your chances of getting your visa.

        Try to show a solid financial position using your and your sponsor’s non-liquid funds. If you have the time, you could also apply for a Student loan and have an approval letter handy. Showing a solid financial position will help your chances of success.

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          default avatar 4Praveen R

          So, yes i have a letter from my PhD advisor saying that she will assist me in finding some ways of funding. And i have a saving amount from my father and mother equal to the i20 amount. With that i will be having my CA signed certificate which holds the assests and jewllery details with their current market price specified. Would this be enough?

          So, can I now say that i will receive funding after i reach there as i have a letter in my hand? Any advices along with it?

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          Nuance matters; assisting you in finding funding isn’t the same as having funding.

          We recommend sharing that your parents are sponsoring you since the amount in the savings meets the requirements. Between the cash and jewelry, it should be enough.

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      default avatar 4Chi

      Hello sir
      If my husband is on H4 visa and am a PhD from India going on F1 visa to pursue masters how can I say that I genuinely want to go to study a different field and not just to live with my spouse

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        We are a bit unclear. How is your husband on a H4 visa already?

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          default avatar 4Chi


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          Your answer should focus on how your study plans fit into your broader plans and share your reasoning for pursuing the current path.

          On a related note, why are you not applying for an H4 visa? Wouldn’t that give you more flexibility?

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      default avatar 4Love

      Hello sir

      My mother who lives in the UK is my sponsor. Will this affect my application in any way? In terms of home ties?

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        What your country of residence?

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          default avatar 4Love

          I live in Nigeria

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          It shouldn’t. As long as you effectively demonstrate that you can apply the skills you’ll learn to progress in your career (in your home country), it’ll suffice the requirement of showing ties to your country.

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      default avatar 4Prapul Lakkavathri

      What could be the answer if we change major from eee to computer engineering

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        You need to share your personal story. Why did you make a change? Will it open more job opportunities for you? Is it required for a future opportunity? Will those skillsets make you more marketable?

        There isn’t one correct answer. The Visa Officer wants to know your personal journey, so share why you decided to switch majors.

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      default avatar 4Prapul Lakkavathri

      If we have relatives in usa does it shows any effect on visa approval

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      default avatar 4Prapul Lakkavathri

      Does visa officer knows how many universities that I have applied??

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        We don’t know for sure, but we should assume yes. Either way, if they ask, answer truthfully.

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      default avatar 4Oluwamayowa Iyiolat

      I applied to 5 schools, after a week or two I got acceptance from one…after which I made prep to apply for f1 visa. I had submitted my visa application when I got acceptance from another school with a much better offer than the first….( more scholarship). I want to change the school to the second buy it seems too late now since I’ve submitted my visa application…How do I explain to the consular I want to change school?!..
      Or should I start a new visa application?!.

      Please I need an urgent reply. Thanks

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        Congratulations on your acceptances.

        Generally there is a process using which you can submit your new SEVIS number and ask your existing application to be updated.

        Please check your local embassy/consulate website for instructions.

        Good luck! Keep us updated on your progress.

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      default avatar 4Kriss Labit

      Hi, my interview is coming up this week and I have some questions. I have a relative in the NJ and I will be attending my UGs there and will be staying with that relative for the course of my studies. I chose the university near my grandmother since my parents won’t let me stay anywhere else without a relative. In case the officer asks this question, should I mention that choosing a university near a relatives house is one of my factors for choosing it or would that ruin my chances of getting a visa?

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        Yes, that was an important factor in your decision making. If it comes up, you should share it.

        It has multiple benefits including cost savings. The Visa Officer will appreciate it.

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      default avatar 4Prapul Lakkavathri

      I have applied to 10 universities
      Does it leads to negative impact

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        No, it doesn’t. Most students apply to 8 to 10 universities. It works in your favor as it demonstrates that your true intent behind visiting the USA is to study.

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      default avatar 4Asmaa Yassin

      I have a question, I did not apply to any university except for one that I was accepted into because when I searched for universities I could not find what suits me.
      So how can I answer the question “Have I applied to other universities?”


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        Say that but add some details. You should mention specifics including offered courses, academic research, and other factors that helped you narrow down your choices to the program of your choosing.

        The Visa Officers look for personal stories so be sure to share your reasoning and actions leading up to your decision.

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      default avatar 4Rozina Punjwani


      If I have applied in four universities and received admissions in three of them with certain amounts of scholarship and GA. Will they ask me about why only four?.. If yes how should I answer this question.


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        The chances are low, but the Visa Officer could. The Visa Officer is more likely to focus on the one you’re planning on attending. If you get the question, we recommend sharing your reasoning. Some students focus on a handful of schools where the program and curriculum align with their areas of interest. Your reason could be similar or different – whatever it is, share it authentically.

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       Hi, i have my f1 visa interview on july 19th. My parents are funding with their savings of 54lakhs. I did not take any educational loan because i was offered scholarship for about $19,000. So the tuition fee and living expenses is around $32,000 for 12month. My parents annual income is 24lakhs. Apart from this, we have immovable assets, Provident funds for about 40lakhs which can be liquefied anytime. Will this be enough or they will reject my visa because i don’t have an educational loan?

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        You’ve met the requirement as long as you can demonstrate solvency to the amount stated on your I-20. If our calculations are correct, you’re showing approximately US $120,000 in solvent funds, right? If so, you’re demonstrating a solid financial position.

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        Hi @aiswarya,

        How was your F1 Visa Interview? Could you please share your experience on the F1 Visa Interview Experience topic?

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      default avatar 4Emeka Izuorgu

      Hello everyone,

      My name is emeka. i’m a nigerian and happy to be with this great family. i have a couple of questions that need answers as i am scheduled for an appointment next month (august).

      The questions are;
      1. can i submit an investment certificate as an additional back up the funds in my account?
      2. what if one does not have any form of standardized test like the ielts or GRE, does it matter?
      3. if i told the consular i got admissions outside the US, does it really matter?

      Thank as i await an answer to this inquiries

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        1. Yes. You need to show funds that are immediately accessible. It qualifies as long as the investment certificate can be converted to cash at a moment’s notice.
        2. No, standardized tests don’t matter as long the university you plan to attend waives them.
        3. It depends on the context. Generally speaking, your interview should be focused on the program you plan to attend. If you bring up admissions outside of the US, it may be perceived as you’re not entirely sold on the University you plan to attend in the US. That could work against you.

        Many students need help to come up with their approach to the F1 Visa Interview, which is why we offer F1 Visa Consultation and Mock F1 Visa Interview services. You may want to consider them—more info at

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      default avatar 4Edwin Daniel

      Hello Sir/Madam,

      I have query regarding my gap after my graduation. I’ve got an I20 from WSU for masters in CIS and my specialisation in data science.
      I have completed my bachelors in the year 2018, and after that I have worked for one year as associate analyst at camp systems in India. And after that I have gap and I have done few online courses without certification and also done a project under guidance of a senior consultant from leading software company.

      How can I answer the visa officer regarding my gap?
      Please help me in this regard.
      Thank you.

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        Hi Edwin,

        You can share what you shared with us. Explain how those initiatives prepare you better for your studies and plans. It would be best if you told the US Visa Officer a convincing story. Everyone’s path is unique. If you can explain your choices coherently, it will work in your favor.

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      default avatar 4Meghana Mullur

      I have my visa interview on 2nd August. My husband working in US, but I want to continue my studies, so I have applied for f1 visa. Is that okay to mention about my husband’s stay in US or does it affect my visa approval.

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        We believe you must have provided this information when you filled out your DS-160. You must be forthcoming with the information if the question comes up. Holding anything back or hesitating will likely result in a denial. The good news is that it doesn’t affect your visa approval chances. On the contrary, it may work in your favor.

        What visa is your Husband working on? You could’ve applied as his dependent, but you chose to apply for an F1 Visa. You can use it to your advantage by explaining the criticality of your studies in achieving your long-term goals.

        If you need help with coming up with a narrative, we offer F1 Visa Consultation services at

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      default avatar 4Rozina Punjwani


      I have a question related to sponsor. Currently my cousin brother is sponsoring me plus I can show my personal fund statement in my interview.
      But If I want my real brother to sponsor me who’s living in Canada but he has less amount in his account currently. Do we build up his account with funds transfer or I should go ahead with my cousin brother’s plus my statement?


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        You’re good if the amount of the liquid assets meets or exceeds the required amount listed on your I-20. It may be advantageous if the amount in your cousin’s bank account is substantially more than your brother’s. However, you also have to consider that your brother sponsoring you may be perceived as slightly more advantageous than your cousin, although not much. For context, our clients have had their uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents sponsor them without issues. Something to keep in mind, though–sudden large deposits may raise suspicion that the funds are made temporarily available to meet the F1 Visa criteria and may not be available to sponsor you.

        As long as you have the funds per your I-20 requirements and can effectively answer why your sponsor is sponsoring you, it shouldn’t make much difference with either option.

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      default avatar 4Rozina Punjwani


      I have a question related to University Ranking. I am hearing this opinion around me that it matters the most. However, does it weaken my chances if I have opted for a less ranked university while I also got admitted to better ones?


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      default avatar 4Baby Show

      Hello, would it be as easy to get the visa if you are attending a community college?

      • #16642

        Your chances of a visa depend on how well you can tell your story. While Visa Officers have not looked favorably at Community Colleges for international students, it’s not an automatic rejection. Prepare well for your interview and put your best foot forward.

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      default avatar 4Durime Kosta

      Hello! I have my first visa interview on August 19th. I have a question:
      I have applied and been accepted to a university in the USA. My primary goal is to do a master’s there but I need to do an extra year because in my country we have a bachelor’s program 3 years long instead of 4 years. My university told me to not mention that I will continue for masters there and I don’t know how should I respond whether they need to know the specific program that I will study. Also, I have all the emails that I have contacted the university and I am not sure if I need to bring them as a documents to my interview.

      Thank you!

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      default avatar 4Valeria Vargas

      Hi. I got a scholarship from the tennis team of a community college. Is it ok if I say that the length of stay in the US will be 4 years because after finishing my associate degree I would like to transfer to a 4 year university to finish my bachelor and after the graduation I have to come back to my country to work for my family businesses?

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        Your length of stay needs to reflect the timeline stated on your I-20.

        When presenting to the US Visa officers, be mindful that one criterion they’re looking for is your intent to leave the US after completing your studies. You are likely to raise concerns with your current approach, so be sure to get ahead of the issue – proactively let them know you plan to return to your country and join your family business.

        Check out our F1 Visa Strategy and Mock Visa Interview expert services if you need personalized consulting.

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      default avatar 4Branice Ajanga

      hiii, i have Fi visa interview coming up, I have two uncles supporting me, the one at home owns a company and he is the one paying my fees, and the one in America offered to provide for me accommodation, food and transport, since he live near the school which I have applied to. is it okay to state them as my sponsors to my interviewer??When it come to ties back at home, i was working at my Uncles company, and after i want to come and work for his company, is that a reasonable tie?

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        If they are supporting you financially, then yes, you need to state them as your sponsor. The tie-in is reasonable. If you can have him issue you a conditional job offer contingent upon completing your studies, it will help further. You may not need to present it, but it will serve as a good talking point during the interview.

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      default avatar 4Nishna Rayamajhi

      Hello team, I am applying to Missouri State University for January. I have been researching about “why this university for bachelors of information technology” but I can’t find any good or convincing answers. I have interviews in next 3 weeks. Please help me for this I am in much need

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        Hi Nishna,

        You have to come up with personal answers. It should include how and why this university and your selected coursework tie into your post-graduation plans. Students who demonstrate the criticality of their US Academic plan in their long-term goals are the ones who succeed in securing the visa.

        Check out our F1 Visa Strategy and Mock Visa Interview expert services if you need personalized consulting.

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