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And now I would go with my 2nd approval
But before I want to thank you that you helped me a lot getting my visa approved and now I’ll tell you about the feedback:
Consular called me by my name to come cross the window and then he greeted me and say
Hi how are you? Do you speak english?
I answered: I’m doing good wau? Yes I do
He said : okay, I’m good
He asked me : so why are you going to the US
I answered: I’m going to the US to study English as a second language
He asked: but your English is already good
I answered: yes that’s because I have studied 8 months here in Algeria
He asked: where ?
I answered: NOOR academy
He said : oh okay
Then he asked: why do you want to study English?
I answered: because I want to retake IELTS exam with a higher score to apply for a master in Germany
He said :why did you choose this school?
I answered: because when I searched in its website I found that they use a lot of materials to teach the English and I consider myself very weak at writing so that’s what I want to develop myself in , also the location is new york so …
He interrupted me by saying: okay
He asked again: who is going to pay your fees?
I said: my uncle is my sponsor so he is going to pay
Then he asked: how many brothers and sisters you have?
I answered: ( don’t want to share this )
And he asked again : what do you want to do next when you apply for Automotive engineering (I think he read the notes in computer from the last interview)
I answered: After I graduated from Automotive Engineering I come back home country to start up my own business by producing ‘Mechatronic of the automatic gearbox ‘
He said: so you want to produce the spear pieces
I said : yes exactly because Algeria doesn’t have any production line in car pieces
He said okay and started to type in computer and then he gave me the I-20 and told me that this page doesn’t need to be in luggage because it’s so important in your trip save it and gave me a white paper that has instruction on where could I get my passport back
And I told him thank you very much
He said : okay have a nice day

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