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I would like to share my visa interview experience which I got a denial then an approval so I will start with my first denial:
At first I come close to the window and then I said hi how are you doing?
He answered: I’m fine wau
I said: I’m okay thanks for asking
He asked : hmm you want to study English right?
I said : yes true
He asked: what do you do now ?
I said : I’m studying master in the field of mechanical engineering
He asked: why do you want to study English
I answered: I want to study English to higher up my english level to apply for a master degree in Automotive engineering in Germany so I plan to study two months in the US and go back home to retake IELTS exam because I have already taken 5,5 score in IELTS which is insufficient to study master.
He asked: why don’t you learn German?
I answered: I already have an A1 level in German but actually the master program is held in English
He asked: who is (name of my sponsor)
I said : can you repeat that? ( because he didn’t spell the name right)
He asked again : who is ( name of sponsor)
I said : oh that my uncle he is my sponsor who’s going to pay all my expenses
He asked : what does he do?
I answered: he is retired right now but he used to work as a taxi driver and he gets a salary of 19 thousand dollars ( he interrupted me when I was going to tell him about his other incomes)
He asked: where does he live
I answered: he lives in Norway
He asked: where? (X3 until he got it right)
And then he was writing something in the computer and then he looked again in the papers and felt suspicious
He asked: why did you choose to study Automotive in Germany
I answered: because I have just finished my training in Auto mechanic domain and I wanted to develop my skills and when I graduate I come back home to open my own professional workshop (he stayed looking at me) and I continued to repair vehicles
He looked unconvinced and asked: repairing vehicles doesn’t require to study Master in Germany
I answered: yes but actually looking at the reputation that Germany has in the field of Mechanic …
(looked down and get the yellow paper and said I’m sorry I cannot issue you a visa you can apply again)
I said : okay thank you

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