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Yes, sure! My interview was scheduled at 8:30 AM at the US Consulate in Chennai. I reached at 7 AM and there was a long queue, plus it was raining. The check-in process is pretty simple, they allow people inside by respective slot times. I was allowed around 8 AM.
I had already watched a lot of Greencard Ez’s Youtube videos, therefore I knew that no bags, phones, watches etc are allowed and this saved a lot of time for me. At the security check, only a file folder is allowed. I was carrying only my file folder, hence my process was quick. (Umbrellas were allowed as it was raining that morning in Chennai)
I had to wait 5-10 minutes again. Once inside the building, I could see people getting accepted and rejected. There were 3 counters in front of me, 3 counters not visible to me.
I got assigned Counter Number 30. (which was not visible to other people)
American Male Visa Officer. He gave the guy in front of me a white slip, stating ‘Sorry, can’t approve your visa under Section 214(b)’. He called me ahead, he was still typing.
VO – Just give me a few seconds.
Me – Sure Sir!
VO – Please pass me your form I-20, SEVIS fee payment receipt.
Me – A very good morning Officer, how are you doing today, here are my documents!
VO – (Smiled at me) A very good morning to you too, I am doing very well, thank you for asking!
VO – So, when did you complete your bachelor’s?
Me – Sir, I completed my Bachelor of Architecture in 2020.
VO – What have you been doing since then?
Me – Sir, I was working as a junior architect for some time, then I quit my job and I was freelancing. Then I decided to pursue my master’s degree.
VO – Why did you quit your job?
Me – Sir, architecture is a creative design process. I want to start my own Architecture Firm in India, for that, I need to upgrade my technical and management skillset, which is why I decided to pursue my Master of Science in Construction Management.
VO – (Checks my I-20 again) Okay, so you’re going to Houston for Construction Management.
Me – Yes Sir!
VO – Where do you see yourself in like 20 years? What’s your ultimate dream?
Me – Sir, honestly, my dream was to be an architect, and now I am an architect. My ultimate dream is to build skyscrapers, for that, I need to conquer these steps and I want to pursue this master’s course.
VO – Okay young lady, I am approving your visa! You will get your passport within a week.
Me – OH MY GOD! Thank you so much! Have a great day!!

My hands were shaking and I could not believe it!
Main inputs from the mock interview by Greencardez which luckily happened one day before my Visa Interview –
1. Be honest.
2. Initially, I was giving out extra information (I thought in 30 seconds I have to tell the VO everything) You only have to answer whatever he/she asks you.
3. Be calm. Be confident.
4. Greet the officer! Super important. This one thing changed his mood and he smiled at me.

Again, thank you team Greencardez! 🙂

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